A busy Summer 2021 so far! …What next?

In the last 3 months, the club has been busier than ever. Demand for SUP lessons is through the roof! Now that we are able to offer dedicated adult windsurf lessons, we are seeing progression from the dedicated bunch of boardsailing bandits.

With over 100 student hours taught, across 20+ sessions, we’ve enjoyed some fantastic conditions at Newburgh, Peterhead and Cruden Bay.

There is new interest in Sea Gorillaz and we’ve had some really great feedback from the sessions so far. New dates have just been added to the calendar and we have a big weekend planned later in August.

What next?

Recently the SUP conditions have been perfect and windsurfing has gone a little quiet. As autumn arrives, the waves and wind should return, which means we can progress the windsurfing skills further. The teaching calendar for SUP and windsurf is live now, with a new approach:

  • More flexibility to suit the weather conditions ☀️. A few days in advance of lesson, I will decide what sport is best to teach and appropriate location. So it might mean a windsurf lesson one day and a SUP the next.
  • Evening sessions. Wednesday evenings, let’s have a quick blast on the water – SUP or windsurf, again at the most suitable spot.
  • Head for the coast. Feedback from coastal sessions is positive, demand is high. It’s often worth the extra effort / drive. We have world-class windsurf / SUP conditions right here at some beautiful sandy beaches. With safety a top priority we can get you more confident and sea-ready.
  • We are organising funding to further imrpove the equipment we have available. We’ve just received some more windsurf kit including an awesome intermediate board. (…& more news coming soon!)

It’s the teamwork…

…that makes the dream work!

If you are keen to help, we are always appreciative of support. The club’s core activity is the Junior & Youth Windsurfing club, the Sea Gorillaz, and these sessions are only possible because of parents and volunteers dedicating their time to make it happen. It’s a good way to learn the sports yourself, give something to the community and get the next generation of rippers on board.

We are a grass-roots club and welcome all!