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AddressSouth Rd, Peterhead AB42 2YP
OS Map CoordinatesNK 12404 45007
Lat, LongLat: 57° 29′ 42″ N Long: 1° 47′ 40″ W
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We are based at Peterhead Sailing Club which allows us access to the clubhouse and storage compound. We use the marina area for beginners and the more experienced windsurfers can venture out into the main harbour. 

There’s various other groups that run activities from this area including Peterhead Sailing Club, Aberdeenshire Sailing Trust who provide a range of sailing/ powerboating courses, Sea Cadets from Peterhead and Bridge of Don are active, the Collieston Rowers are sometimes out, and there’s a new group of local SUPers too.

In Peterhead Marina, there are leisure boats coming and going which we need to be aware of, and the main Peterhead Harbour is a busy commercial shipping port with fishing, Oil & Gas, Renewable activities ongoing.

So it can be a busy location, therefore we run our activities there with the mindset that we are ‘guests’ here and we’re also ‘ambassadors’ for windsurfing/ SUPing. We want to keep up the great relations with all the other water users…there’s room for everyone to have a safe and fun time on the water!

See below some of the key rules for the Port, which are detailed on the notice board at the Marina parking area:

  • Speed Limit – speed limit for the Marina, be aware of leisure boat activity, speed limit is 4kts for safety boats.
  • VHF radio – before heading into the main harbour, contact the Peterhead Port Authority on VHF CH14 to let them know our intentions and so they can make us aware of any concerns especially when large vessels are moving.
  • Sailing area – general harbour sailing area is marked on the map in the carpark, however we generally try to keep North West (the shore side) of an imaginary line between the Princess Royal Jetty to the south of the harbour and Smith Quay to the North, to avoid all the commercial shipping.
  • Fishing – be aware of and avoid any fishing floats and related equipment in the harbour, also be aware of anglers fishing from breakwaters.


AddressInch Rd, Ellon AB41 6BQ
OS Map CoordinatesNK 00438 25704
Lat, LongLat: 57° 19′ 18″ N Long: 1° 59′ 39″ W
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The Ythan car park in Newburgh (Inch Road) is part of Forvie Nature Reserve.  The club has a great relationship with the nature reserve, and as such we need to be aware of a few restrictions.  

The Estuary is home to a number of endangered and protected species.  This includes, Eider Ducks, Seals and Terns.  All are protected species, however there are specific rules for certain species and areas during the year.  

The Ythan is a mixed use area, and all users need to work together so all can enjoy this wonderful area.  

  • Eider Ducks should be avoided at all times.  If there are ducks on the water in a group, these areas should be avoided.  Do not disturb them on the shore as they could be on nests or have young.  Launch and recovery locations should be chosen with this in mind.  
  • Terns are present usually from April to late summer.  During these times a significant area of the reserve is closed for all access.  The shore and the waters in front should not be used for any water activities.  If the terns are feeding in large numbers in the estuary, this area should be avoided to prevent disturbing the birds.  
  • Seals.  As I am sure you are aware there are a lot of seals in Newburgh!  Numbers are often near 1,000 seals at the haul out site.  This area is protected under the Marine Scotland Act 2010, as a designated haul out site.  Disturbing the seals here is a criminal offence and comes with stiff penalties.  This area of the Estuary is near the mouth, and is also very dangerous in terms of currents and waves.  For both these reasons this area should not be used. 
  • Other Nature.  There is a lot of other nature in the Estuary, there for all to see and enjoy.  You will see Ospreys fishing, otters, seabirds, deer and other shores based wildlife.  The area is used a lot for bird watching, avoid disturbing the birds at all times. 
  • The key with all the nature in the nature reserve, is the same as anywhere.  Observe them from a distance, do not approach them, try not to disturb them, go to areas away from them, if they approach you, try not to encourage them and don’t interact (feed)!  You will notice that some are very inquisitive!  Some seals in the water will come near to you to observe you!  This is fine, as long as you aren’t deliberately approaching them.  
  • Fishing.  The Ythan is a local fishing hot spot and there can be lots of anglers fishing from the shore or on boats.  It is common practice for you to keep clear as best you can.  If you are unable to, due to currents or narrow areas, then please communicate with the angler so that you cause the least disturbance.  
Full PDF Leaflet here / Credit: Nature Scot