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When, where & booking

Each child must join the club (£30) in order to participate in a session. Sessions are typically held on a Sunday when the tide time suits otherwise Peterhead instead on the Monday evening More info (Locations). We use SPOND to manage bookings – access to the app / group is included in club welcome email.

The Sea Gorillas are split into 3 groups…

Cheeky chimp holding a star which is the logo fro the cheeky chimpz

Cheeky chimpz


A monkey riding a surfboard which is the logo for the funky monkeez

Funky monkeez


A gorilla holing a surfboard which is the logo for the groovy gorillaz

Groovy gorillaz


And beyond the Sea Gorillas, it’s the…

A banana in the sea, which is the logo for the the Crazy bananaz

Crazy bananaz

The older / advanced group

2024 Calendar

Summer sessions (Sunday’s at Peterhead) 12 May -> 7 July
Autumn sessions (Sunday’s at Peterhead)TBC September -> October
Club weekend event14 & 15 September

Check out the Scottish Fin & Foil events calendar

This year it’s the 40th Tiree Wave Classic on 12 -> 18 October